Julia Toussaint


Julia is currently a junior studying Communications. She is from Phoenix, Arizona and Guilford, Connecticut! She chose ZTA to be her home because she feels so welcomed, and has made some of the most amazing connections through this chapter! Being elected as President has truly bettered her as a person, and a leader. She is so grateful to be able to lead such an incredible group of women who support Breast Cancer Education & Awareness!

Maty Tuttle

VP1 Programming

Maty is a junior majoring in social work from Chicago, IL! Maty chose zeta to develop close friendships and advance her leadership skills!!

Breanna Flom

VP2 New Member Educator

Breanna is a senior, studying business management and administration! She chose ZTA because of how welcoming all of the girls made her feel when she walked into the room. She says is was almost instant she had already felt at home! She was also admired by what the sorority stands for, as well as the philanthropy. Those are jsut a few of many reasons why Breanna chose ZTA!

Jillian Natland

VP3 Membership

Jill is a junior studying social work, from Long Island, NY! She chose ZTA because she has felt so welcomed since recruitment, and has continued since her experience. Jill says, "these girls make me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself."

Grace Dechene

VP4 Philanthropy

Grace is a junior majoring in business marketing! She is from Parkland, FL and chose ZTA because of all the woman that made her feel so special, and how at home she felt!

Sydney Topoleski


Sydney is a junior from Naples, FL majoring in health science! Sydney chose ZTA because of the incredible philanthropy, the amazing leadership opportunities, and the loving bonds that she gets to make with her sisters/best friends each and every day!

Morgan Kelley


Morgan is currently a junior studying Communications from Tampa, FL! She chose ZTA because she felt so welcomed from the start and knew these girls would push her to be the best version of herself throughout her years at Florida Gulf Coast University!

Claire Birkholz

Panhellenic Delegate

Claire is a junior, studying marketing from Dublin, Ohio! Claire chose ZTA because of all of the immediate connections she felt with the girls, even through a computer screen! She says, "ZTA is filled with girls who care about each other on a deeper level than I've ever seen before." She also felt pulled to ZTA from the passion towards Zeta's philanthropy. Since she has a deep connection with Breast Cancer Education and Awareness, she is so proud to be a part of a group so dedicated towards this and their goals.

Ireland O'brien


Ireland is currently a junior majoring in Marketing, from Parkland, Fl! Ireland chose ZTA because she loved the group of empowering women she spoke to and knew she wanted to get involved with their philanthropy!

Dasha Filchucov


Dasha is a senior from New Jersey, majoring in special education! She chose ZTA because of how welcoming all of the girls were. Dasha says, "Walking into the room immediately felt like home and where I belonged." She is forever grateful for all of the everlasting friendships she has made since then!

Elizabeth Kondik

Risk Management

Elizabeth is a junior Elementary Education major from Jupiter, FL! She chose ZTA because of the welcoming conversations she had with sisters during recruitment, and because she truly felt comfortable and at home with the girls she talked to and has

Jaime Walsh


Jaime is a Journalism major, with minor in Psychology from Palm City, FL! Jaime chose ZTA because when she first stepped into the room surrounded by the girls in this sorority, she immediately knew she belonged! She knew it was going to be her home away from home with these inspiring, self-driven, goal-oriented woman, and that's exactly what she got! ZTA has brought her more opportunities than she ever thought was possible. She also chose ZTA because of the philanthropy. She says, "Being able to raise money for such an amazing cause is always in the back of my mind with everything i do. ZTA means so much to me, and I aspire to make our chapter better each day."

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